About Stem Cell Pro

About Stem Cell Pro


We Are The Stem Cell Pros

Stem Cell Pro is committed to helping you get the best results possible. We don’t prescribe pain medications that are riddled with side effects or recommend unnecessary surgery that takes months to recover from. At Stem Cell Pro we listen to your concerns and construct a plan just for you. Call us or email us today to begin on your path to healing.

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Before you sign up for a risky surgery or fill another Rx for pain meds that are riddled with side effects, give Stem Cell Pro a call!

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The Process at Stem Cell Pro

Three easy steps to learning if Stem Cell Therapy is right for your condition!

Have a Consult
The first step to learning about stem cell therapy is having a consultation done at Stem Cell Pro. This consultation allows the patient an opportunity to tell the provider about the health concerns they have and get all their questions answered. It also allows the provider the ability to ask questions and dig into the patient's history to determine what could possibly be the reason they are in pain and what steps need to take place to discover any underlying causes. In short, the consult allows the patient to feel comfortable knowing they are in the right office for their condition and it allows the provider to verify that the patient can potentially be helped with Stem Cell Therapy. The consultation can be done over the phone but for a more personal experience, the providers prefer the patients come into the office and have the consult done in person.
Get an Exam
After a consult a comprehensive examination is performed at the clinic. This exam is thorough but it usually takes less than 20 minutes. The providers at Stem Cell Pro are committed to only recommending Stem Cell Therapy to patients who have the best chance of success. Not all conditions are best treated with Stem Cell Therapy and only through this initial exam can a decision be made in that regard. The exam will consist of checking vitals and establishing the overall health of a patient. It also includes very specific orthopedic testing and many times imaging is necessary such as X-rays or MRI of the affected area. If you have recent images it may be helpful to bring them in on this visit. The more information we have the clearer the diagnosis and recommendations will be. This exam is not invasive and doesn’t require getting into a gown or dealing with any other unpleasant situations. It is very professional and along with a detailed history (done in the consult) can be the key in determining the best possible course of action for your recovery.
Hear the Recommendations
During this visit we discuss the four key things a patient needs to hear before making a medical decision. 1. What’s wrong or what is the problem causing the pain? 2. What is the game plan or recommendation to get the best chance at relief? 3. How long will it take to get results or expectations for the results? 4. What is this going to cost? At Stem Cell Pro we are not interested in pushing people towards doing a treatment that they don’t feel good about so we use this visit to present all the facts to patients and then let them decide if it is right for them or not. Far too often, doctors just do what they want and then send a bill to patients 3-4 weeks later. Stem Cell Pro is here to educate patients and provide a path that is surgery free and does not use narcotics or other addictive medications to mask the pain. Patients who are looking for a real solution tend gravitate to our provider’s recommendations and the results speak for themselves.