Avoid these 6 Potential Surgery Complications by Choosing Non-Surgical Pain Relief

In many cases, surgery truly is the best option for addressing one’s medical problems. However, when possible, it’s worth exploring less invasive treatments. Because surgery can pose a variety of potential health hazards, it’s worth consulting a specialist to see if you qualify for non-surgical treatments for ailments such as arthritis and sports injuries. Here’s a look at six surgery risks that can be avoided by choosing non-surgical pain relief.

The surgical wound can become infected when harmful bacteria find their way inside. It’s possible for such infections to spread to organs. While these infections are often controllable, in the most serious cases, organ failure can occur.

A significant drop in blood pressure can lead to shock. As blood flow slows throughout your body, you can be put in danger. Medics use a variety of methods to treat shock, from preventing blood loss to oxygen therapy.

Bad Reaction to Anesthesia
While allergies to anesthesia are quite uncommon, this is still a concern that can be avoided by choosing non-surgical pain relief when possible.

Surgical hemorrhaging means that there is dangerously rapid blood loss. This complication may cause a need for a blood transfusion.

Urine Retention
In some instances, the anesthetic causes an inability to empty the bladder. To treat this, it may be necessary to insert a catheter.

Deep Vein Thrombosis
If a blood clot breaks free from a deep vein and blocks an artery, then heart failure could potentially occur.

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